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Background is blue. Polaroid of Tara Rushmer in front of A&W Restaurant holding a box of Cheese Curds in the air
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5 Questions With...Curd Queen Tara Rushmer

You may think you love Cheese Curds, but there's probably no one more dedicated to the cheesy goodness than Tara Rushmer, whose love of this Wisconsin staple earned her the nickname Curd Queen. We talked with Tara about the beginnings of her Curd...

November 6, 2020 Read More
Background is light blue. Drawing of two A&W Root Beer Floats in the center with orange ribbon overlaid. Text inside ribbon is white and reads
Awesome Fans

Celebrate Friendship Day With These Sweet Float-A-Friend Nominations

There are few things sweeter than a root beer float, but a special friendship is definitely one of them. To commemorate International Friendship Day, we're sharing some of our favorite Float-A-Friend nominations (so far). Read on for a selection...

July 30, 2020 Read More

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Briana with root beer float in A&W Restaurants mug
Awesome Fans

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