Blue background featuring 3 'polaroid' photos of Abby with her A&W Restaurants memorabilia.

Abby's AWesome A&W Collection

Collecting A&W Restaurants mugs and other merchandise is a hobby for many, but one of the most AWesome collections belongs to A&W superfan, Abby. The 8-year-old — whose initials are also A&W — has been collecting A&W memorabilia for years. "When we take a vacation or even a short trip to a town that has an A&W Restaurant, we stop in." Abby's mom, Casey, told us. "She orders the same thing every time: Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, Chili Cheese Fries, and a Root Beer Float."

Photo of Abby holding a gray A&W t-shirt next to a statue of Rooty the Great Root Bear

Abby has amassed over 250 items in her collection and says she is always surprised at how many different items are out there with the A&W logo on them. "She can typically tell you if she has a certain item in her collection when we are out looking at other items," Abby's mom, Casey, said. Check out photos of Abby's A&W merchandise collection below. 

Photo of Abby sitting on floor of room next to a display case of A&W Restaurants memorabilia

Photo of a display case containing various A&W Restaurants memorabilia and mugs.

Photo of Abby sitting next to a shelf displaying various A&W Restaurants memorabilia

Various A&W Restaurants mugs and baby mugs from over the years

Various A&W Restaurants shirts from over the years.

Overheard photo of various A&W Restaurants memorabilia from over the years.

Various vintage A&W Restaurants memorabilia on a shelf

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