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Celebrate Friendship Day With These Sweet Float-A-Friend Nominations

There are few things sweeter than a root beer float, but a special friendship is definitely one of them. To commemorate International Friendship Day, we're sharing some of our favorite Float-A-Friend nominations (so far). Read on for a selection of stories guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

"I nominate my best friend, Paula. We met when we hardly had anything and have been best friends for 5 years. She brought me out of a dark time in my life, encouraged me, and helped me regain my confidence. I don't know where I would be without her. She is the most amazing woman in the world." - Laura F.

"My boss and buddy, AJ, deserves free floats for a year. He not only runs a store as a general manager, but he gives the shirt off his back to help his friends and family at any given moment. He's a great family friend to me, my wife, and my son. I'd give anything to help him because of all he's done for us. A little treat can really go a long way to show he's appreciated." - Dwight M. 

"I am nominating my dad, Harry. He has always worked hard to support his family and always gives sound advice. When talking with my siblings we all can agree he taught us a great work ethic and to never give up, anything is possible. Root Beer Floats at A&W has always been a family tradition." - Jessica H.

"I nominate Brianne, my wife who is pregnant with our first child. Let’s face it — who needs Root Beer Floats more than a first-time mom-to-be? Even better, Root Beer Floats (specifically A&W) are our signature dessert from our first date 5 years ago." - Jacob S. 

"I'm nominating my best friend/neighbor, Frank. Over the years Frank has been an exemplary friend. This year, though, he upped his game after I had a mild stroke and was unable to care for myself. He stepped up to the plate and took care of me by bringing me groceries, and helping me bathe and get dressed on a daily basis. He has never asked for anything in return and still to this day stops by to check on me." - Jennifer B.

"I am nominating Michelle, my friend who always puts others above her own needs. She works tirelessly in the postal community risking her life daily during the recent pandemic because she knows how much everyone depends on her doing her job. She is my All American Hero and I would love to give her the gift of floats for a year." - Josh L. 

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