Honor a Vet Donation Sheet

What Root Beer Float Day Means to A&W Veterans

Happy Root Beer Float Day! We at A&W Restaurants are proud to partner with DAV to help support their mission of victories for veterans. In fact, A&W's veterans ties go back to 1919 when our founder Roy Allen set up his first Root Beer stand to welcome home return WWI veterans.

We talked with veterans in the A&W family to find out how their experiences in the Armed Forces helped shape them as individuals. Below are some of their responses. 

 "DAV was my original sponsor. They were able to help me get through paperwork to receive my benefits and helped me locate medical files that were lost." - Topher L., U.S. Army

"My experience in the military gave me discipline, focus, and confidence in my abilities as a manager." - Kristopher S., U.S. Navy 

"The leadership and dedication to training skills I learned and developed during my service play a huge part in how I do my business today." - Brian A., U.S. Army

"My military background instilled discipline to everything I do. It also taught me leadership skills that I uses daily." - Terry T., U.S. Marines

"Work ethic, commitment, self sacrifice, chain of command, and the tools you need to be an entrepreneur." - Bruce H., U.S. Navy 

"Being in the military made me grow up and realize what life was about. Looking back on it, I'm glad I went because it taught me how to be an adult." - Rick L., U.S. Army

"Discipline, staying organized, figuring things out. All very valuable lessons that have taught me how to run a successful business." - Jeff G., U.S. Air Force

Learn more about DAV at dav.org