Overhead photo of the Movie Night Char-curd-erie Board on an orange background.

Throw an Award-Worthy Movie Night With an A&W Char-curd-erie Board

Picture this: you're relaxing at home and you've settled on the perfect film to watch for the night. The only thing missing? The perfect snack. If you're searching for something besides popcorn, look no further than the Movie Night Char-curd-erie Board. 

This shareable snack has everything you love about a classic charcuterie board — meats, fruits, sauces, crackers, and more — with the added bonus of A&W's fan-favorite Cheese Curds.

Read on for a list of ingredients, illustrated guide, and video to prepare a Movie Night Char-curd-erie Board film fanatics will give two thumbs up. 

List of ingredients for the Movie Night Char-curd-erie Board

Illustration of Movie Night Char-curd-erie Board with Ingredients Labeled with Arrows

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