Two people sharing a Root Beer Float

These A&W Love Stories Will Give You All The #Feels

Today is Valentine's Day, a holiday celebrating love in its many forms and a special one for all of us at A&W Restaurants. That's because many romances have blossomed at A&W throughout the years. From married couples who had their first date at an A&W to all the people who have bonded over a frosty mug, the stories below are even sweeter than a Root Beer Float. To celebrate this day of the heart, we compiled some of our favorite A&W love stories  — including some featured in our 100th Anniversary Book — guaranteed to give you all the #feels.

"My husband and I met each other while working at A&W when we were in high school. We've known each other for almost 10 years and we've been together for 7. We even served A&W Root Beer at our wedding! Whenever we go back to our hometown we always make sure to stop at our former restaurant!" - Brittany G.

"My wife and I were young and in college and I asked her to marry me! We didn't have a great deal of money so we ate at the A&W Restaurant and bought a Collector's Mug so we would always remember that special date. We still have the mug and our kids drink out of it today. We enjoyed taking our oldest son to the A&W when he was younger and telling him our story!" - Mark N.

"I am a team member at Sweet Home, OR A&W. I was working on Valentine's Day a couple years back and there was an older gentleman there who reminded me of my grandpa. As I was walking around bussing my tables he asked me to be his valentine becuase he didn't have one anymore. He showed me a picture of him and his wife in the very booth he was sitting at and I recognized her — she was my grandma's best friend. I told him I would be his valentine and spent my break with him just reminiscing about his wife. Ever since then I try to work on Valentine's Day just so then I can see James." - Victoria C.

"I was a car hop at an A&W in the 1960s. My husband-to-be came to the restaurant every night I worked there. We started dating, got married, and just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary." - Pat D.

"When I was a newly-pregnant wife, my husband and I would stop at our local A&W after I picked him up from work about once a week. This was always a treat because we didn’t have much money. Usually I would get a frosted mug of milk (due to my pregnancy). Sounds strange to get milk at A&W, but it tasted so good in that frosted mug." - Naomi M.

"I always loved when my parents would take us for a Root Beer Float then bring home a gallon jug of A&W Root Beer. After I had my kids we would drive 45 minutes to the nearest retaurant on hot summer days just for a frosty mug. Now that I am a grandma I share that with my grandkids." - René I.

"My father would take my siblings and I to A&W for our birthdays and when he came home from overseas, which is the reason it's a family tradition to go every year for birthdays and special occasions. These special memories are the reason why I collect A&W memorabilia to this day, with over 100 pieces in my collection." - Tina J.

You can read more A&W love stories in our 100th Anniversary Book, available now. Have your own A&W love story? Share them with us on social!