The background is light blue. Photo of a Strawberry Shake and Strawberry Sundae are on the left side of the image surrounded by real strawberries. Photo of a Raspberry Shake and Raspberry Sundae are on the right side of the image surrounded by real raspberries.

Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Tell You Which Real Fruit Treats Flavor to Try

by Spencer Barrett, Digital Manager

Just in time for summer, Real Fruit Shakes and Sundaes have arrived at your local A&W! Creamy vanilla soft serve bursting with your choice of real Raspberry or real Strawberry flavor in every sip or spoonful.  

Not sure which flavor to try first? Take the short quiz below to reveal your perfect match.

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Real Fruit Shakes and Sundaes are available at select A&W Restaurants for a limited time. Price and participation may vary. Contact your local A&W directly to confirm availability.