Vintage artwork of two burgers on a scale. The burger on the left scale is flying into the air and the burger in the right is falling lower. The burger on the right is listed as

The Truth About A&W's Third-Pound Burger and the Major Math Mix-Up

By now you've probably heard the story: once upon a time, A&W Restaurants released a third-pound burger that failed to catch on thanks to a misunderstanding of fractions. Just how accurate is this tale of math mistakes and fraction flubs? Read on...

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A&W Restaurants 100th Anniversary Book overhead view on vintage A&W ad background.

Download a Free Copy of the A&W 100th Anniversary Book

In 2019, we released a book to commemorate a century of A&W Restaurants featuring memories, photographs, and stories from those who made the milestone possible: our friends, family, and fans. ...

April 29, 2020 Read More

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