Photo of Trish sitting at a booth.

Meet the Team Member Who Has Been Part of the A&W Family for 40 Years

Trish Krstic was just 17-years-old when she started as a team member at the Visalia, CA A&W. Four decades later, Trish is still a proud member of the A&W family. We talked to Trish about her 40+ years with the brand, the most valuable lessons she learned along the way, and more.

Tell us about your history with A&W.

I started as a team member at the A&W in Visalia, CA in November 1979 and worked my way up to store manager by 1986. I managed the Hanford Mall location for 4 years then transferred to the Exeter, CA location. I worked on and off in the office with [restaurant owner] Karen while I managed the Visalia location again. In 2001 I was promoted to general manager and continued working as an office assistant as well.

What do you think has kept you with the A&W family for this long?

This achievement isn’t just about me; it's about a family who you want to work with for 40 years and a brand your proud to work for. I am grateful to the Cary/Van Horn Family for being the type of people you want to work 40 years for. I am thankful to [restaurant owner] Karen for her patience and confidence in me. [Restaurant owner] Craig has continued the legacy of his folks; I believe in how he runs the business. I am proud of my accomplishment, but Craig and Karen also need to be celebrated!

Do you have any favorite memories from the last 40 years with A&W?

Being able to raise two children who both worked at A&W as well. I also met the love of my life here and made many amazing friends along the way.

What is your favorite A&W menu item?

It has to be the Original Bacon Cheeseburger!

What do you consider the most valuable lesson you learned during your time with the A&W family?

Treat your employees fairly. Hold them accountable to their job, but being flexible helps. Having a place to work that can be fun is a plus — I made a lot of friends over the past forty years.

Please join us in recognizing Trish for this AWesome milestone!