Boy and girl drinking from a Root Beer Float with two straws

Celebrate Valentine's Day With These A&W Love Stories

Ah, Valentine's Day — a day solely dedicated to the celebration of love. This day is a special one for us because many romances actually began at A&W Restaurants. From pairs who had their first date at an A&W to couples whose initials join together to make their own "A&W," these tales of the heart are even sweeter than a root beer float. Read on for some of our favorite A&W love stories — including a few featured in our 100th Anniversary Book — guaranteed to give you all the #feels: 

“It was the summer of 1968 when I landed my first job as a carhop at the most popular place in town, A&W! We were right across from the popular Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The place was always packed, and the tips were great. I met Alan, my future husband at A&W. He proposed to me at the restaurant! We had the best time. Even though it has been 50 years, I still have fond memories of the good ol’ days and that first job! Thanks for everything A&W!” — Paulette Jones

“My first job was at A&W in Pella, Iowa where I worked from 1985 -1988. I worked every job they had there during that time. I loved my job, I ended up marrying one of the other employees. We both got different jobs and moved on to bigger and better things. But will never forget all the great memories while working there!” –– Mary Jo Moore 

“When we were first married, we didn't have much money but we had a date night every week on Tuesday nights. We could go to A&W and get 25-cent coneys and a root beer and still stay within our budget... But still have a date.” — Kris Byers

"My husband was born in Kansas and one of his favorite childhood memories was getting a Root Beer at the A&W Restaurant in Iola, Kansas. Years later, he met me. I'm from the Netherlands and have always been fascinated by anything 'Americana'. We fell in love & got married. Last year, my husband took me all the way from Holland (where we reside now) to that same A&W Restaurant. We shared a fresh Root Beer together and got to take the mug home with us. It's one of our most dear memories together and we can't wait to come back with our children." — Hanneke Ammel

You can read even more A&W love stories in our 100th Anniversary Book, available now. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to support DAV (Disabled American Veterans). Have your own A&W love story to share? Send them to us on social!