Rooty and Rona

5 Questions With...Rona Lascano, The 'Dean' of A&W University

Rona Lascano juggles many roles at A&W Restaurants – the newest is serving as the 'dean' of A&W University. In this role, Rona is responsible for training Team Members from across the country on all things A&W, making sure they provide excellent service to every guest. We sat down with the 'dean' of AWU to find out who at A&W she'd switch jobs with, the advice she'd give to her sixteen-year-old self, and more... 

Describe your role at A&W using only 3 words.

Training, Operations, Miscellaneous

If you could switch jobs with anyone else at A&W, who would it be and why? 

Our mascot, Rooty. Everyone loves Rooty!

Favorite A&W menu item?

Corn Dog Nuggets. They’re my guilty pleasure.

Advice you would give to your sixteen-year-old self?

Pay attention to all this “new-fangled” computer technology.  It turns out you WILL use this in the future.

The age-old Float question: spoon or straw?

Both.  Start with the spoon, finish with the straw.