Orange diamond ring in a brown box, charm bracelet, and a necklace surrounded by two Cod Sandwiches

2/1/24 - Make It ‘O-FISH-IAL’ with a Ring Made from A&W’s Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – As Valentine’s Day nears, what better time to show your significant other that your love for them is as deep as the sea? Let them know they’re a keeper with unprecedented BOGO Quarter Pound Cod Sandwiches at select A&W Restaurants nationwide on February 14, and make your relationship “o-fish-ial” with a real diamond ring made from A&W Restaurant’s new scale-tipping Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich.

This one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry was made in partnership with LifeGem by extracting carbon from the cremated remains of a half-dozen A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwiches. The carbon was placed in a machine that mimics the heat and pressure under the Earth’s crust for several months to form an actual, one-of-a-kind diamond that was then precisely cut and fitted into a unique setting.

A timeless symbol of affection, the orange diamond weighs in at 1 carat.

“A diamond is forever,” said Liz Bazner, Senior Director of Marketing for A&W Restaurants, “so while A&W's new Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich might only be available for a limited time, our exclusive ring will serve as a fin-tastic reminder of when you first hooked your sweetheart."

The new A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich, available at select locations nationwide January 22–April 14, tips the scales as one of America’s largest fast food fish sandwiches. The flaky, beer-battered filet of wild-caught Atlantic cod (a known aphrodisiac) is substantially bigger than the competition and is served on a brioche bun with tartar sauce and pickles.

“Whether it’s a spouse, a pet, or a Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich from A&W, we only have a limited amount of time with the ones we love,” said LifeGem cofounder Dean VandenBiesen. “A LifeGem diamond is the perfect way to memorialize that fleeting love in an object known for its beauty and permanence.”

In addition to the diamond ring, A&W partnered with Timeless Treasures of Kentucky on a full collection of exquisite jewelry made with real ingredients from the Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich and A&W’s signature Root Beer Float. 

The collection includes a charm bracelet made from a deconstructed Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich, featuring individual stones for buns, pickles, lettuce, tartar sauce and cod. The collection is completed by Cod Sandwich cufflinks and pendant necklace, with a deliciously marbled set of teardrop Root Beer Float earrings to wash it all down.

Fish fans and lovebirds have until February 14th to enter for a chance to win the A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich Diamond Ring or other jewelry from the collection. Simply visit to enter to win or comment on an applicable post on Facebook, Instagram, X or TikTok. 

Win or lose, Rooty’s Mug Club members near a participating A&W location will receive a coupon for BOGO Quarter Pound Cod Sandwiches on Valentine’s Day, February 14. 

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For more information, contact Liz Bazner at [email protected].

And remember, every kiss begins with cod.


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