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We've seen a lot of things change since A&W was founded way back in 1919.
Some things get better with time, others were fine just the way they were.
Do you prefer the past or the present? It's easy, just give them a Rooty Bear thumbs up!

96 years of good times counting
  • my favorite place to eat at!

    Stewart Hart
    Gainsville, FL

  • a & w is great

    Albert Derry
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • rich an creamy....da one and only ...root beer

    Tonino Laubinger

  • oh they're quite good but have you tried putting that chipotle sauce on a bacon double cheese burger? the way it mixes with the fat and gets all up in there is amazing.

    Er Pie

  • The Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders are the BEST!

    Bob Mahin
    Rochester Hills, Michigan

  • A&W rocks!

    Linda Ehrhardt-Tate

  • A&W is the only place I go where the food looks like the picture.

    Er Pie
    Southfield, Michigan

  • Thank you, A&W. I enjoy this Bacon Cheeseburger or a Big Papa every time I go into my local A&W. And the drink HAS GOT TO BE Root Beer.

    Lee Stafford
    Concrete, Washington

  • Thanks A&W for having the best chili dogs and onion rings around!!

    Debra Blankenship
    Pikeville, Kentucky

  • Best fast food ever!

    Brent C.
    Flat Rock, Michigan